Introducing the NEW AquaDart Nano

with iAQUA’s revolutionary DualJet™ technology

The future of professional sea scooters has arrived! With unsurpassed levels of reliability, easy on-site maintenance, advanced safety features and intelligent battery management, plus an unmatched array of features and performance the New AquaDart Nano is the World’s most advanced dive scooter.

The lightest most powerful scooter in the world

This DualJet™ technology has allowed iAQUA’s designers and engineers to develop a sea scooter that is both extremely light weighing just 22kg, yet very powerful. It has an unmatched power to weight ratio of 28.18 Newtons of thrust per kg. In comparison the most powerful competitors model has a power-to-weight ratio of 21.28 Newtons of thrust per kg, and weighs 60% more at 35kg. DualJet™ has also enabled the scooters overall size and volume to be reduced by over 30%, whilst losing none of the features that iAQUA Sea Scooters are renowned for.

At just 22 kg the AquaDart Nano is effortless to move around and can be easily launched from the beach single handedly. If being transported or stored in a RIB, small boat or perhaps on a larger yacht, the Nano takes up much less space than any other dive-scooter with similar performance. Two Nano’s will easily fit into the back of a family hatchback!

Revolutionary Dual-Jet™ Propulsion System

iAqua’s revolutionary DualJet™ propulsion system delivers up to 60% more thrust than conventional marine jet-drive systems and does so throughout the whole power range. Conventional jet-drive systems waste about 50% of the thrust generated via ‘tunnel turbulence’, which means you lose up to 50% of the power and thrust generated and waste up to 50% of your battery power generating the unused thrust. Working in a similar way to an aeroplane jet engine, iAQUA’s patented DualJet™ technology harnesses 100% of the thrust to give you serious power and acceleration from lower revs which results in lower battery usage.

  1. High performance motor
  2. Stainless steel propeller shaft
  3. Water inlet
  4. Toughened DualJet propeller
  5. DualJet jet-flow outlet

Easy Operation

The Nano’s patented single-operation control triggers make for extremely simple and safe operation. Nano can be controlled with either left or right triggers and can be set to dual trigger operation for safety. All user information is visible in strong sunlight due to the Nano’s super-bright 5-inch display. The screen shows battery level, speed and depth and includes a digital compass and onboard diagnostic information.

Class Leading Performance

The Nano’s performance simply defies physics. With acceleration of the 620 Max from 0 to 20 kph in just three seconds, either under or over the water, you’ll be able to swim with the dolphins and mantas, fly like a bird performing underwater acrobatics or simply take your scuba diving to the next level exploring the ocean. The Nano has redefined the possibilities in the sea-scooter market today and stands out in a class of its own in terms of both design, low-weight and performance.

Advanced Features no other Sea Scooters Possess

The Nano is also unique in that it is equipped with an on-board accelerometer. This meter provides you with an ‘attitude indicator’ formally known as a gyro horizon meter. For featureless water, and low light diving this provides you with an artificial horizon reading as well as pitch and roll giving degrees of climb/descent and lateral banking.

iAQUA are also introducing another ‘World’s 1st’ with you Nano being controlled by your phone, as well as the on-board control buttons. The iAQUA app allows you to control your Nano remotely, setting items such as maximum speed, power level, plus maximum depth and lighting. You can also see battery level, plus be able to monitor the crafts systems, view remote diagnosis and view a visual record of your past trips, positions, date and duration. Your Nano also has a GPS tracker, which when combined with the app, will allow you to keep a track of all your adventures using the route logs feature which will record your track, view it on a map and store it for future reference.

The Nano has revolutionized the professional sea-scooter market, and no other sea-scooters enjoy its unique and patented technologies, or superior combination of cutting-edge design, power, performance, low-weight and affordable price.

Intelligent Battery Management

Unique, cutting-edge battery management means more time spent exploring. The power management and precise energy distribution for all the systems to work together are state-of-the-art.

During operation, when the battery life gets low, the AquaDart’s smart sensor technology measures it and adjusts the power output accordingly. This gives you operation times of up to 200% more than its nearest competitors, and it also means users can get more than two hours of use on a single charge. In addition it will ensure your battery life always outlasts your adventure, vitally making certain scuba divers always have enough power in reserve to return home.

How does it work?

Starting at full power (level 5 or 6), the AquaDart will automatically decrease to level 5 when the battery decreases below 50%. Then, when the battery is at 40% capacity, it goes down to level 4, at 30% capacity, it goes down to level 3, and when it’s at 20% capacity, it goes down to level 2 and gives you a warning that there’s only 20% left. Then, when there’s less than 10% of juice left, the device switches to saving mode, level 1, and gives off a constant battery low warning.

This is all done automatically for you. No other professional dive scooter has this function meaning with the AquaDart Pro you’ll enjoy considerably longer usage duration and will always have additional battery power in reserve when needed.

Three Models to Choose From

You have three models to choose from, all with DualJet™ technology. If you are looking for the ultimate performance and speed then the Nano 620 Max should be your choice, but if range and endurance is your main goal then opt for the Nano 520 Explorer. The 450 Sport still packs a punch and would also be ideal for most situations where pure speed and acceleration is not the main concern, for example scuba diving.

With iAQUA’s industry-leading battery management technology you’ll never be caught out with a flat battery. The system intelligently manages your power level as your battery level reduces, meaning you’ll always be able to get home and finish your dive safely. Typical usage from a single charge is about 100 minutes, and you’ll still have power to get home. All models are equipped with two batteries for in-built safety and redundancy.

The 450 and 520 Explorer will recharge from empty to full in 180 minutes. The 620 Max includes a fast charger and once empty, will be full and ready for another adventure in only 60 minutes.

All models have high powered front and rear lights. Whilst providing a level of safety for all users above and below the water line, Nano’s lights are essential for night divers and scuba divers who go deeper than 15m with the 1,700 lumen lights illuminating the surroundings and bringing back the full colours of the corals and marine life.

Performance and Key Specifications

Winner of the World’s Best Luxury Water Toy, iAqua bring you the world’s most powerful, most advanced and most competitively priced dive scooter. Please see the following record-setting performance figures, unique features and specifications.


  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
Speed Underwater (kph) 16 18 21
Speed Overwater (kph) 14 16 20
Power (kW) 3.1 3.5 4.2
Thrust (Newtons) 450 520 620
Power Levels (Gears) 5 5 6
Maximum Depth (M) 40 40 45
Programmable Safety Depths (M) 2,5,10,15,20,30,40 2,5,10,15,20,30,40 2,5,10,15,20,30,40,45

Operating Time

  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
Standard Usage (mins) 60 60 65
Economy Usage (mins) 90 90 100
Scuba-dive Usage (mins) 150 (120 + 30) 150 (120 + 30) 160 (130 + 30)

Standard Usage: Even mix between power levels 1 to 6. Economy Usage: Even mix between power levels 1 and 2. Scuba-Dive and Snorkelling Usage: At power level 1 maintaining an average pace of 3 to 5 km/hr, with 30 minutes of periodic stops to look at marine life and corals, regrouping and your safety stop.

Battery Management

  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
Standard Charger – Charge Time (hours) 3 3 3.2
Fast Charger – Charge Time (minutes) 50 50 60
Battery Charger Included Standard (Fast Charger Optional $995) Standard (Fast Charger Optional $995) Fast Charger
5 Step Battery performance optimization system
Battery reserve system or ‘return home’ Mode
Dual batteries providing power redundancy & safety.

Operating Controls

  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
Screen Size 5” (12.5cm) 5” (12.5cm) 5” (12.5cm)
Screen Brightness (Nits) 650 (sunlight viewable) 650 (sunlight viewable) 650 (sunlight viewable)
Digital Compass and Bearing Heading
Accelerometer with artifical horizon and climb/descent readings  
iOS/Android App enabled *
Twin-Handed Safety Drive System
Can be Operated Using Either the Left, Right or both Triggers
Patented Advanced Control Buttons **
GPS and BlueTooth enabled

* Use App to view settings, change depth/speed, check battery levels, turn lights on/off, view usage log and trip history and run health/diagnostics check. Available for download Spring 2023. ** Due to iAQUA’s patented pressure equalized buttons, only two buttons are required to access all functions in an intuitive way.

Safety, Depth & Night Diving

  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
Twin 1700 Lumens High Powered Lights

Protection, Stability & Ride Comfort

  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
All Around Impact Protection Bumpers on Exterior Rubberised Marine Bumpers for medium protection & scratches
Internal Impact Protection System for Components
Neoprene Non-Slip Chest Padding for Comfort
7 Base Fins for Hydrodynamic Lateral/Yaw Stability      
Side Grab Handles to Lift and Carry

System Features

  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
Impeller Optimized to Generate High Thrust at Low RPM
On-board Diagnostic System
Modular ‘Plug and Play’ System Design
DualJet™ Propulsion Technology

Dimensions, Weight & Colour Options

  Nano 450 Sport Nano 520 Explorer Nano 620 Max
AquaDartWeight (kg) 22 22 22
Impact Protection System (kg)
Dimensions – L x W x H (cm) 100 x 50 x 24 100 x 50 x 24 100 x 50 x 24
Colour Options Arctic White Arctic White, Shark Silver (Met), Corrisa Orange, Pacific Blue (Met) Arctic White, Shark Silver (Met), Corrisa Orange, Pacific Blue (Met)