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sifly e-foil water toy

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We set no limits on precision and efficiency in the race to provide the ultimate balance between quality, performance, and value. From the biggest board to the specially curved wings, SiFly offers the most user-friendly eFoils on the market. Explore our product portfolio to find a wide range of boards, masts, and wings, suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

The ultimate asset.

Our products offer the best price-to-performance ratio and the most advanced commercial software on the market, which ensures you get maximum return on your investment. Pair this with the unique business partnerships we offer for aquatic centers, schools, yacht charters, hotels, commercial partners, and sailing clubs, and SiFly turns into a lucrative asset for your organisation.

Functional Benefits




Rigid unibody fuselage, accommodating the electric motor


Interchangeable in-house designed and CFD analysed carbon-composite wings, optimised for everyone from complete newcomers to proficient foilers


2 mast lengths for easy learning or sporty riding

Remote control


44.8 Ah


40km range

Smartphone apps