Unmatched Performance

At iAQUA, the powertrain development engineers discovered new ways of optimising the motor technology to develop very high torque from a very compact assembly.

This resulted in a lightweight motor capable of delivering over 6kW at peak power which is then limited to a more manageable power level for users safety. The radical power output makes AquaDart the fastest underwater sea scooter globally.



Max Speed


Max Speed


Max Power


Max Thrust

Design & Engineering

The AquaDart Pro range has been meticulously designed to be far superior to other sea scooters on the market today. With constant feedback from the many thousands of iAQUA users throughout the World, iAQUA engineers understand the harsh conditions of the sea and how salt water can be detrimental to any product. This is why iAQUA products have been designed using materials and technology tough enough to withstand the harshest of underwater marine environments, and why they now enjoy a less than one percent failure rate. Simply incredible levels of reliability for any marine based products. And even that rare incident is an easy fix to get you up and running again due to the AquaDart Pro’s unique modular, plug & play platform. AquaDart Pro’s used on freshwater lakes and rivers are in fact way over-engineered but every iAQUA has been built and tested to to the same rigorous standards and to withstand the toughest of environments.

The AquaDart Pro product range is also designed with ‘plug & play’ modular components which allows for quick and straightforward replacement and service in the unlikely event of a failure or service replacement requirement. This means your unit will not have to be sent back to a service centre in another country for several weeks at a time but rather a quick, simple component change completed locally, which makes ongoing ownership so easy and trouble-free. This is especially important for scuba and dive schools, rental operators and charter yachts where having your AquaDart Pro always ready is of paramount importance.

Control Panel – Easy, Intuitive Operation

AquaDart Pro’s control panel has been carefully designed to be intuitive and is extremely easy to use. The entire craft may be controlled with just two buttons and two triggers. Controlling and monitoring everything from turning the power on, or accessing the menu for setting the various safety limits on power and depth, right down to performing diagnostics on the multiple components – can all be done easily.

The high-definition, five-inch liquid crystal display is exceptionally bright and has been pressure tested to a depth of 100 meters. The high level of screen brightness is of great benefit when riding on the surface during a bright or sunny day and is a feature not found on other dive scooters where important information can be extremely difficult to read.

The graphics engine integrated into the LCD is identical to those found in this generation’s premium, high-end mobile devices. All key information has been thoughtfully placed in clear graphics so that the most critical information is always easy to see during the riding operation, regardless of the speed.

As the control systems are so easy to understand, mastering the AquaDarts operation is usually accomplished in about five minutes. A huge benefit when friends are using the craft for the first time or when a dive leader takes a group of scuba divers on their first AquaDart adventure.

High Performance Jet Propulsion System

Each element of the propulsion system has been engineered to provide the most effective and efficient output possible. The water travels smoothly and efficiently through the under-side water duct, from suction to propulsion, while the anti-cavitation propeller pushes a massive volume of water to provide bewildering thrust with little to no vibration or noise.

A brushless drive system drives a hardened stainless steel shaft, which is supported by high-speed thrust bearings, rated for over 30,000 hours of usage (equivalent to 3,750 8-hour days, which is over 10 years of operation!). The whole assembly is suspended on Nitrile rubber bumpers for incredibly quiet operation. Instantaneous torque delivery propels the vehicle (and you) to maximum speed in under 3 seconds!

  1. High performance motor
  2. Stainless steel propeller shaft
  3. Water inlet
  4. Toughened high-grade propeller
  5. Light weight and strong aluminum

Rock-steady, Stable Handling and Ride Comfort

AquaDart’s product range has been designed for users of all different sizes and weights. The product geometry is arranged to deliver hydro-dynamically efficient and comfortable rides to all users. In fact, anyone from 8 years and up (with parent’s supervision) can use an iAQUA.

To improve ride comfort, on-surface planing lift and greater control underwater, all AquaDarts have two large twin rear fins and seven base fins which provide both vertical and horizontal stability. The AquaDart’s fin layout give you the confidence to complete both tight and long twisting high-speed turns and always keep your AquaDart straight and true.

For your ride comfort the AquaDart has a non-slip padded, heavy-duty neoprene chest protector which add’s additional comfort when riding on the surface. For ease of carrying when on shore there are padded side handles with non-slip, rubberised comfort grip inserts and if transporting for long distances over rough terrain or sand, you can add a rugged carry-bag and an easy-pull trolley.

Intelligent Battery Management

Unique, cutting-edge battery management means more time spent exploring. The power management and precise energy distribution for all the systems to work together are state-of-the-art.

For those engineers, we have 24X high power MOSFET transistors, cutting-edge Aluminum power driver circuit board and thermal mass placement on the key components to ensure that the batteries are always ready to deliver maximum energy in an instant and always well within the safety limits of the battery’s operation. The level of ‘over-engineering’ ensures that the battery management and safety features simply do not fail and will give you years of reliable enjoyment.

During operation, when the battery life gets low, the AquaDart’s smart sensor technology measures it and adjusts the power output accordingly. This gives you operation times of up to 200% more than its nearest competitors, and it also means users can get more than two hours of use on a single charge. In addition it will ensure your battery life always outlasts your adventure, vitally making certain scuba divers always have enough power in reserve to return home.

Take your scuba diving to a whole new dimension

The AquaDart Pro takes scuba diving to a whole new level, allowing you to effortlessly go much further on your dives on one tank of air. This is because you do not get tired swimming against the current or trying to keep up with the fittest members of your group, so use way less air.
Pass uninteresting areas quickly, and go where you choose, with or against the current. Follow the manta’s, dolphins and marine life, without being swept away from them along with the current. With an iAQUA, you are in control.

With over 2 hours of run time at cruising speed, you go further, for longer, and with a fast charger, you can be fully charged again in just two hours.

The only dive scooter available with powerful underwater lights

The powerful underwater lights are unique to iAQUA. They are designed to work at depths of up to 45 meters and light up even the darkest corners during an underwater adventure.

Performance and Key Specifications

Winner of the World’s Best Luxury Water Toy, iAqua bring you the world’s most powerful, most advanced and most competitively priced dive scooter. Please see the following record-setting performance figures, unique features and specifications.


  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
Speed Overwater (kph) 13 13 19 19 23
Speed Underwater (kph) 15 15 21 21 25
Power (kW) 3.6 3.6 4.5 4.5 5.2
Thrust (Newtons) 680 680 720 720 770
Power Levels (Gears) 5 5 6 6 7
Maximum Depth (M) 40 40 40 45 45
Programmable Safety Depths (M) 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40

Operating Time

  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
Standard Usage (mins) 80 100 90 90 100
Economy Usage (mins) 120 140 130 130 140
Scuba-dive Usage (mins) 190 (160 + 30) 230 (200 + 30) 210 (180 + 30) 210 (180 + 30) 230 (200 + 30)

Standard Usage: Even mix between power levels 1 to 6. Economy Usage: Even mix between power levels 1 and 2. Scuba-Dive and Snorkelling Usage: At power level 1 maintaining an average pace of 3 to 5 km/hr, with 30 minutes of periodic stops to look at marine life and corals, regrouping and your safety stop.

Battery Management

  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
Standard Charger – Charge Time (hours) 7 7.5 7.5 7.5 8
Fast Charger – Charge Time (minutes) 120 135 135 135 145
Battery Charger Included Standard (Fast Charger $995) Standard (Fast Charger $995) Standard (Fast Charger $995) Incl. FREE Incl. FREE
5 Step Battery performance Optimization System
Battery Reserve System or ‘Return Home’ Mode
Dual Batteries Providing Power Redundancy & Safety.


Operating Controls

  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
Screen Size 5” (12.5cm) 5” (12.5cm) 5” (12.5cm) 5” (12.5cm) 5” (12.5cm)
Screen Brightness (Nits) 700 700 700 700 700
Digital Compass and Bearing Heading
Accelerometer with artifical horizon and climb/descent readings
iOS/Android App enabled *
Twin-Handed Safety Drive System
Can be Operated Using Either the Left, Right or both Triggers
Patented Advanced Control Buttons
GPS and BlueTooth Enabled

* Use App to view settings, change depth/speed, check battery levels, turn lights on/off, view usage log and trip history and run health/diagnostics check. Available for download Spring 2023. ** Due to iAQUA’s patented pressure equalized buttons, only two buttons are required to access all functions in an intuitive way.

Safety, Depth & Night Diving

  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
Twin 1700 Lumens High Powered Lights $885 $885 $885

Protection, Stability & Ride Comfort

  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
All around Impact Protection Bumpers on Exterior Toughened glass-fibre bumpers designed to absorb large impacts
Internal Impact Protection System for Components
Neoprene Non-Slip Chest Padding for Comfort
Twin Rear Foils for Hydrodynamic Horizontal/Roll Stability
7 Base Fins for Hydrodynamic Lateral/Yaw Stability
Side Grab Handles to Lift and Carry
Grab Handles Rubberized for Comfort & Better Grip

System Features

  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
Impeller Optimized to Generate High Thrust at Low RPM
On-board Diagnostic System
Modular ‘Plug and Play’ System Design

Dimensions, Weight & Colour Options

  Pro 680 Light Pro 680 Explorer Pro 720 Quest Pro 720 Max Pro 770 Xtreme
AquaDartWeight (kg) 39 39 38 38 37
Impact Protection System (kg) 4 4 4 4 4
Dimensions – L x W x H (cm) 115 x 60 x 40 115 x 60 x 40 115 x 60 x 40 115 x 60 x 40 115 x 60 x 40
Colour Options Arctic White, Baltic Gray Arctic White, Baltic Gray Arctic White, Baltic Gray, Pacific Blue (Met), Shark Silver (Met), Flame Red, Bahamas Blue Arctic White, Baltic Gray, Pacific Blue (Met), Shark Silver (Met), Flame Red, Bahamas Blue, Lightening Yellow, Lizard Green, Burgundy Red (Met) Carbon Fibre